What to Wear?
We ask you to dress appropriately. Please, do not wear tight clothes, such as tight trousers or tops. You should feel comfortable enough while you receiving the treatment. Whether you need to take any clothes off will depend upon the treatment. Sometimes it may be that I just ask you to roll up your sleeve or trousers.
What are the needles like?
The needles I use are made from stainless steel. They are impossible to break, very flexible, and will not rust. If the needles are left in they won`t feel uncomfortable.
How are needles sterilised?
I always employ single use pre-sterilised disposable needles when treating patients. Each needle is disposed of in a sharps box after use. This ensures that no infection can be transmitted between patients, and that each patient is treated to the highest standard of care and cleanliness. Health and safety checks are made by the local authorities, and Tadworth Acupuncture has a current license to practise acupuncture from Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.
Do the needles hurt?
I quickly insert the needles, and once the needle has reached the correct depth the patient should feel a slight sensation. This feeling is not unpleasant and is sometimes felt as either an ache, numbness, a tingling or a sensation of heat. This feeling lasts for a couple of seconds. Very occasionally you may feel slightly more sensation from the needles. If this happens it is often a sign that there is more blockage of the Qi and a stronger needle manipulation has been required.
How deep do the needles go?
The depth to which I will insert a needle varies according to your size and the area being treated. The most common depths vary from a quarter to half an inch (approximately 6-13 mm). A point that is on non-fleshy area of the body, such as a toe, will penetrate to only about one-tenth of an inch (about 2mm). On fleshy areas such as the buttocks, where points are commonly used for hip pain, the needles will go in deeper and can be inserted to at least one and a half inches (approximately 38 mm). The amount of sensation felt from the needle is not linked to the depth of the points. Some points that are nearer the surface can create more sensation that one deeper inside the body.
How will l feel after the treatment?
Soon after you received the treatment you will probably feel sleepy, very relaxed, and more positive. Some patients experience immediate improvement after treatment. Other patients can take longer to notice changes and a number of treatments are required to create a cumulative effect which eventually become noticeable. Each patient`s health improves in a different way as we are all unique!


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