Measures Being Taken to Reduce the Impact of Covid-19

We have reviewed the Government Guidelines “Keeping workers and clients safe during COVID- 19 in close contact services*” and implemented all which reasonably apply to our work. For the present time we are opening just our home clinic and will not be working from Nethercott. We will update here when this changes. The measures we will take are summarised as:

  • Pre-Attendance
    • Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell. We advise you to stay home if you have had the onset of high temperature, a continuous cough, or a loss of normal sense of taste or smell. Until this difficult period is over, we will be waiving the policy of requiring 24 hours for cancellation.
    • Please try to arrive at the scheduled time and wait outside to be called. A seat is provided outside near the front door, and an umbrella in case it is raining!
    • Please do not attend if you are considered high risk, as although we are implementing these new procedures, and will try our best, nothing can be guaranteed.
  • Entry/Exit
    • We are extending our time between appointments by an additional 15 minutes to allow disinfection of the facilities, provide ventilation, and prevent patients from crossing.
    • Patients will have the front door opened for them, and all internal doors will be open, so there should be no need to contact with door furniture.
    • Upon completion of your treatment, you will be escorted to the front door, which will be opened for you, to avoid you having to touch any furniture. Please let us know if you would like to wash your hands after treatment.
  • Treatment (Dr Nadya Temple)
    • If the weather is good, and the treatment will not require the removal of clothing, as an option, I could treat you on a couch in the rear garden. Please tell us your preference when making your appointment.
    • I always wash my hands between patients, and all door furniture, taps, etc, will be disinfected between patients.
    • Treatment is provided as normal on a single-use disposable paper sheet. Please feel free to bring your own couch covering if you prefer.
    • I will perform the majority of conversation from the foot of the treatment couch, attempting to maintain safe social distancing. During treatment, I will be working to minimise any time in proximity with you.
    • I will be wearing a face visor to protect myself, and a mask to protect you, the patient. You will also be required to wear a face mask.